Walkera Runner Advance ‘Racing Tray’ (GPS Ready)


Motor Guards

Have a Walkera Runner Advance?  Want to make it stronger and sexier?
This tray was designed to replace the floating plates on the top while adding more rigidity to the frame.  It weighs slightly less than the replaced parts and will reduce drag from the original parts.  Go faster!  Look better! Survive the inevitable crash!

– Covers the delicate electronics up front and the receivers / transmitters.
– Uses existing screws and mounting holes…no drilling needed!
– Allows access to the Flight Controller port without removal.
– Number is customizable, just let me know what you want!  Send an email with name on order and number desired.
– Color is also selectable but limited by what I have in stock.
– Printed in ABS for strength at 0.2mm layer height and 35% honeycomb infill for enhanced rigidity.
– Fitment is a bit tight, take your time and install all screws loose before tightening down.  They will pull it into exact alignment with the upper tray**
– Now including a set of FREE matched color front bumpers!  Thanks go out to timo1983 on Thinigiverse for designing these and releasing the files under the Share Alike Creative Commons license! 

**Install the Racer tray with or without the carbon fiber plate directly below it.  I choose to install with the CF plate for even more strength.

Don’t let this happen to you!!

Pricing in CAD and Shipping included to Canada/USA with Tracking via Canada Post.
+$10 for international shipping
+$40 for international with tracking (Usually doesn’t work… it’s a Canada Post scam in my opinion)

Don’t forget to choose your Racer Number if ordering the Racing Tray!  Email it with your Name or add it to the “Paypal Note” and I’ll get the right one printed.  Max is 3 digits.  

Battery Tray also available.  Link here!