Bluesman Vintage Roots ’57


Bobbin Color
Hookup Wire
Set or Single

Bluesman Vintage Roots ’57 Set:

Own a piece of history… accurate specs and sounds of a 1957 Gibson PAF set for a fraction of the cost!  This set isn’t built to get any specific tones from any particular songs like my other pickups; it’s built to get as close to the specs of a particular set of 1957 PAFs that I was able to analyze and dig into (they DID survive the experience so don’t worry).
~The splotchy looking cover has a protective plastic film over it…  Dammit Jim, I’m a pickup winder not a photographer!!!

~~The originals were double black, but I’ll offer them in any color combo!  It’s the tone that counts the most isn’t it?

  • Built to exacting standards.

  • Top quality parts from various US and Canadian sources.

  • Individually selected magnets charged in house.

  • Full warranty and guarantee on all products.

  • 30 day no hassle exchange