Pitch Size


  • Printed in Grey PLA.
  • Stone/ground texture on raised squares.
  • Fully paintable, receptive to glue for grass, sand or other customization.
  • Option of ~29mm (‘Classic’) or ~34mm (‘Modern’) sized squares.
  • Custom Logo workup available, send an email to discuss.

Want a custom logo on your pitch?  How about something paintable and textured for a better play experience?  Impress your friends and league mates with a 3D printed modular pitch.  Much more durable than cardboard or foam.

Glue it to a piece of wood and paint, customize to your heart’s content.

** I am working on a modular interlocking system that will be retroactively adaptable to these pitches.  It will allow an easy breakdown of the board for portability or storage while locking the pieces in place.  This system will also allow future pieces to plug n’ play.  Ideas include dugouts, bleachers and more customized parts to really bring the game to life! 


**** Limited now to 3 more 3D printed Pitches.  The big printer sold a few days ago but I managed to pump out 4 of the large logo NAF pitch centers. The rest prints on my smaller machines and will be done up soon. I have 2 ready to go and only the 34mm (modern) size left. I’ll be redesigning it to fit the smaller print beds but these huge logos won;t be possible. ****

Product is currently out of stock.

  • The ‘Classic’ pitch takes roughly 32 hours to print and the ‘Modern’ pitch roughly 44 hours.  Printing will span several days and there may be a backlog; any delays and timeline estimates will be discussed via email.
  • There will be only 2 pitches available at any given time and more will be listed when the previous 2 are done.  This is to prevent any severe delays in delivery.
  • Shipping to Canada/USA will include tracking and insurance.
    International tracking/insurance available and recommended but will cost more.
  • Should an international purchase be made and purchaser opt for lower priced shipping (ie: no tracking) then there will be no refunds for lost/damaged orders.  That’s what insurance/tracking is for.
  • I don’t allow queue jumping but I will take names on pre-order and get in touch when it’s your turn to avoid waiting and watching.  No payment necessary until I start the print; first come, first served.