’54-67 Stratocaster



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’54-67 Stratocaster Sets

  • Snappy, vintage sound with clarity , quack and punch.
  • A5 staggered poles.
  • 42 AWG wire
  • Vintage or Modern Bridge
  • Approximate specs:
    • ’54 – 5.8k / 5.9k / 6.1k (Fender)
    • ’58 – 6.0k / 6.2k / 6.5k (Fender)
    • ’62 – 6.2k / 6.4k / 6.8k (Fender)
    • ’64 – 6.4k / 6.5k / 7.0k (Fender)
    • ’65 – 5.8k / 6.0k / 6.3k (CBS)
    • ’67 – 6.0k / 6.2k / 6.6k (CBS)

Vintage Style Options:

  • Middle Non-RWRP
  • Lower wound Bridge (As per chart above with 42 AWG Wire)
  • Wax potting

Modern Style Options:

  • Middle RWRP (humbucking in 2 and 4)
  • Hotter Bridge (roughly 1k hotter with 43 AWG wire)
  • Wax potting or unpotted

Video of the late 50′ set with RWRP middle pickup by Jacob at Visual Guy Sounds

“All I can say is WOW! What a huge improvement in tone they make They sound so much more full and dynamic. I compared them to 3 other guitars I have with single coils in them that I like and I can say that except for one of my other ones that might have a little more output than your, yours were the best sounding of the bunch!

I think you have a winner with these pickups. What I like about them is that every position and pickup combination sound different but still very good. The quack is there and so is the punch. Besides maybe trying a combo magnet set in the bridge I wouldn’t change a thing.”

-Tony F. ’54 Vintage/Modern

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