Payment Options


Your Choice of Payments

Sigil Pickups is a forward thinking company.  We now accept numerous payment options so you have more choice on how you want to checkout.

  • Paypal – Tried and true, offers 6 months protection in case you’re dealing with shady people.  They’re the safest way to buy anything online and I fully support the service.
  • EMT – Electronic Money Transfer/ Bank Transfer/ Wire Transfer.  You can pay your invoice direct to Sigil Pickups and skip the fees of other services.  I cover the Paypal fees on any purchase, but if you choose to use EMT I’ll refund you the 5% I’ll be saving on fees.
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, etc.  If that’s your thing then you can send payment with over 40 different cryptocurrencies or Altcoins.  I use CoinGate as a service so whatever they’ll handle is fair game.

To use a Cryptocurrency or EMT, step through the Checkout rather than going through the Paypal buttons.  

*All pickups are built to order and will be constructed on completion of payment.